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Synonyms are a great way to enrich and enliven your writing, whether you are a journalist, marketer, translator, researcher, or scholar. Lingsoft's inflective thesauri for Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian Bokmål, Danish and German have been a valuable ingredient in Microsoft Office for more than a decade, and are used by millions daily. Why not make Lingsoft's unique thesauri available for the users of your application? What would be more convenient than having a thesauri lookup at your fingertips.

Five reasons for choosing Lingsoft's thesauri

Lingsoft has put much attention in creating adequate synonym dictionary content based on best available resources and references for the according language. The amount of synonyms and synonym sets depends on language-specific features and conditions, and can be found in the product specifications in the right column.

Lingsoft's thesauri are inflective

Swedish Thesaurus exampleLingsoft's thesauri contain a comprehensive model of the corresponding language's features. That's why they can recognize lookup words in all their inflected forms, and suggest synonyms in the same inflected form, so that the synonym can directly replace the lookup word, often without any need for further modifications of the text.

The infection handling is exemplified by a thesaurus lookup of "organets", the Swedish genitive definite word form of the noun "organ". As you can see, the listed synonyms are accordingly in definite form. "Organ" belongs to several synonym sets, all of which can be shown simultaneously to serve useful context hints and a rich variety to choose from.

Robust, compact, fast and flexible

The language model is compiled to a compact and fast finite-state transducer. Together with the synonym dictionary and additional data it is included in the thesaurus module, a binary file of only some megabytes, yet providing hundreds or even thousands of synonym lookups per second.

A Lingsoft thesaurus is an easy load for almost any integration scenario from traditional workstation applications to web-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Lingsoft's thesauri can be used with LSTHES programming library in order to implement synonym lookup functionality in text viewing and editing applications, and with LSINDEX in order to implement synonym-based expansion or compression in search and text mining applications.

Customize your own synonym sets

You can create your own synonym sets easily in a user dictionary. Lingsoft's LSTHES programming library takes care of connecting it to your lookup. The dictionary format is simple and easy to learn. User dictionaries cannot, however, benefit the unique inflection handling feature.

Lingsoft can manufacture and regularly update a customized version of the thesaurus module for your domain or organization, involving lexicalization of words contained in your custom synonym dictionary, but missing from the corresponding morphology model.

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