Kalman Tanito, first to reach the milestone of 10,000 projects

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Lingsoft Translations has many outstanding performers among its diverse array of translation and localisation vendors, but Kalman Tanito's achievement of 10,000 projects surpasses all others. Mr Tanito visited our Turku headquarters to celebrate the milestone. We took the opportunity to talk with him about the reasons for his success.

Ten thousand translation projects is a lot. Last year, Kalman Tanito delivered 2,500 works all on his own, mainly user guide translations for technical equipment, such as printers, and exclusively from English to Finnish. The obvious question is: what's the secret?

– There's no secret. Just hard work and dedication. You have to see the importance of what you're doing: you have to have an urge to produce a comprehensive interpretation for the native reader. For me, it comes naturally, since I've always been interested in how technical equipment works. And of course I have used that curiosity to explore the tools and methods that enhance my productivity.

Advanced project management enabled it.

Kalman says he's a typical learn-it-on-your-own type of guy, having spent numerous hours studying the features of Trados and other productivity tools. For those who by nature aren't that keen on reading software guides, he strongly recommends attending training courses and webinars in order to adapt the most productive tips and tricks, abandon bad habits and avoid frustrating routines. Kalman is open-minded towards using machine translation, although he thinks that it doesn't yet help with his type of work.


However, the most important "secret" is the organic division of labour typical of Lingsoft Translations. Kalman gives a lot of credit to Lingsoft's project managers for allowing him to concentrate fully on the actual translation work. He praises Language Central for having streamlined the process one step further.

– I have been fortunate enough to receive a steady stream of projects that are suitable for me, and over time we have been able to establish a trust-based relationship with your project managers so that they know which projects I am good at, and—obviously—which projects are not worth assigning to me. So, now I can choose an assigned job and start doing my thing right away, and when I'm done I simply return the finished job to Language Central. It's so easy and time-saving. I love it.

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