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How do you promote correct spelling in every phase of your content workflow? How do you enforce consistency when there are several "correct" wordings to choose from? How can you alert your staff to avoid certain expressions in your stories? How do you make it easy for your staff to contribute spelling suggestions, and take advantage of validated spellings and expressions to be avoided? And how do you ensure that your pages are beautifully hyphenated and justified?

Lingsoft's gold standard proofing tools play an important role for many newspaper, magazine and book publishers. We provide our tools to several editorial system vendors particularly in the Nordic countries. Some of these vendors, including the Swedish market-leader Infomaker and the Finnish market-leader Anygraaf have our tools well-integrated in their own proprietary applications for story editing and language management. Here we exemplify a language management solution for publishers who use an editorial system with Adobe InCopy as the main story editor, among them Saxotech and DTI.

Lingsoft's solution takes advantage of the following products, components and services, combined to produce a seamless language management workflow:

Lingsoft products, components and services

We can identify the following five key benefits, which our publishing industry customers can achieve using Lingsoft's language management concept:

Five key benefits

Browser-based user interfaces are increasingly common in various business applications e,g, banking, insurance and health. These applications need good proofing tools. Lingsoft Proofreader Server was designed to meet that need. It can handle the proofreading requests from applications that do not have client-side spelling and grammar.

Lingsoft Proofreader Server for publishers

Soon it became evident that Proofreader Server was an excellent language management platform for corporate dictionaries and writing rules. Organizations that care about their corporate image and consistent communication can use Proofreader Server to design and distribute corporate-wide writing rules to be used in applications equipped with a Lingsoft plug-in. Proofreader Server empowers the language manager with the following features:

  • Candidates list for scanning dictionary entries suggested by users who encounter what they believe are false speller alarms or false hyphenations. You can decide to view all candidates, only hyphenation suggestions, or only rejected entries. You can accept or reject a candidate, or you can quickly turn a problematic candidate to a writing rule.

  • Accepted list for maintaining the corporate spelling and hyphenation dictionary. You can remove previously accepted words, and update your modified word list to the corporate dictionaries. You can also send Lingsoft a proposal to include a frequent word in the core language model, as well as clean the corporate dictionaries by removing unnecessary duplicates when a new version of a core speller arrives.

  • Writing Rules list for creating and maintaining writing rules. Additionally you can submit to Lingsoft rules that capture e.g. words that no longer should be recognized as correctly spelled.

The next four use cases illustrate everyday language management actions in a publishing industry environment.

Case 1: A candidate gets validated

Case 2: Hyphenation exceptions

Case 3: From a candidate to a writing rule

Case 4: Updating the core components

Conclusions: Adding consistency and removing complexity

By extending the proofing tools functionality to a corporate-level story workflow, we have created a language management platform that is extremely easy to use and simultaneously extremely powerful, without creating just any additional workload.

As we can see from the use cases, the end-users do not have to learn any new tricks or apps. And yet we have created a proofreading solution that is engaging and that establishes the corporate language code to real-life content editing workspaces.

Also the Language Manager has a reason to feel comfortable, knowing that all editing is proofread with Lingsoft's excellent core components, and that the corporate spelling and hyphen dictionaries and the writing rules are constantly and consistently exposed to the whole staff. All the complexity is handled under the hood by a well-designed robust architecture, and you language manager can concentrate on the essence with well designed maintenance tools for dictionaries and rules, as well as for communicating findings of the behavior of the core components to Lingsoft.

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