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Language provides our most important communication channel with other people and the rest of the world. We live increasingly and more tangibly in and surrounded by languages. Yet language has been overlooked as a factor of production. The language industry is part of the content industry, which is among the most dynamically growing fields of our time. Multilingual communication is increasing steadily with language technology breaking through to new fields, all because language is the primary tool for controlling all business processes.

Lingsoft intends to enhance performance by providing products and language technology services. We believe that the maximum benefits for all concerned are achieved through the concerted action of businesses and research aiming for shared objectives. Such effort in itself is tantamount to creating a 'common market', which in turn will promote the rest of the business by creating opportunities for new products and opening up new markets.

Lingsoft cooperates with all the major players in the field. We are also involved in a number of national and European projects. On a related note, Lingsoft is one of the key participants in the biggest programmes related to language technology by Tekes, Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation.

Co-bidding in Tenders for Customer Projects
Areas allowing Lingsoft products and solutions to be used include the following:

An ideal partner for higher education and companies
Are you interested in finding all the inflected forms of a given word? How about getting a description of the grammatical structure of a sentence? Do you need to return all the words to their basic forms in a text? Do you need to find all the structures in a text with a given actor?

All these applications and tools are based on technology utilizing language analysis. Lingsoft provides the language analysis tools you need. These efficient tools are available for universities, research institutes and companies that need language technology modules for their own applications. Lingsoft constantly seeks new R & D partners.

Lingsoft has strong roots and expertise
Lingsoft is one of the oldest, best known and most established language technology companies in Europe. Lingsoft’s technology is rooted in a computational model presented by Kimmo Koskenniemi in 1983. This Two-Level morphology model (TWOL) can be used to describe the morphological structure of any natural language by computer. The model and its variations have become the de facto standard for describing languages at word level. Over 100 different languages have been described with this model.

Having a mathematical and computational model available for word analysis has led to the modeling of other levels of language, too. Lingsoft has a convincing history in this as well. Fred Karlsson introduced his Constraint Grammar (CG) model in 1990, and it has become the standard tool for sentence analysis.

Having both word and sentence analysis available for a language enables the development of many demanding language technology applications. These include various efficient information retrieval tools, proofing tools and educational applications. Semantic and usage analysis for a language will enable the development of even more sophisticated applications. Lingsoft is engaged in this development work.

Programming is the cornerstone
To have a theoretical model of a language is not enough, though. It has to be implemented as an efficient computer program. Lingsoft has been programming these models since the company started. Such task requires talented and dedicated computer linguists, programmers and system architects. Lingsoft has been fortunate to have such experts in the company.

As proof for the company’s technical expertise, Lingsoft is listed as the technically most reliable software provider for Microsoft. The analysis modules that Lingsoft provides for Microsoft are considered both technically and linguistically reliable, and they match Microsoft’s programming requirements.

Microsoft relies on Lingsoft
Lingsoft has hundreds of universities and companies as customers and partners. Universities use Lingsoft’s research tools and companies use applications based on those tools. Lingsoft’s customer base includes companies from most language-intensive fields, such as information retrieval, database management and publishing.

Microsoft is Lingsoft’s most notable client. Lingsoft, for its part, is one of the biggest language module providers for Microsoft in different languages. This long-time collaboration between Lingsoft and Microsoft continues to expand and deepen.

Lingsoft develops technology and products in co-operation
Although the company utilizes mathematical and computational models in its solutions, Lingsoft in its roots is a linguistic company. The linguistic model and the tools based on it are under constant development. Many promising future technologies, such as the semantic web, require deep language analysis in order to work.

Lingsoft encourages research and collaboration based on its theoretical models, technologies and applications. Lingsoft’s tools and expertise are used in hundreds of universities and several national and international research projects. Lingsoft is committed to increasing linguistic equality between different languages of the world. This means developing more accurate and entirely new language descriptions and language tools based on those.

“We at the Research Institute for the Languages of Finland had a successful partnership with Lingsoft. We co-operated in the production of Svefix, a proofing module for MS Word that proofreads texts in relation to differences between Swedish and Swedish spoken in Finland. We supplied the linguistic material for the project and Lingsoft provided the language technology and programming. This way both parties could concentrate on their area of expertise," says Mikael Reuter, Manager of the Swedish Department of the Research Institute for the Languages of Finland.

Case: Turku University
"We’ve co-operated with Lingsoft in various projects for years. Some of these have been funded by Tekes. The projects have included developing Lingsoft's language tools and finding ways to utilize them in other applications. Having a working relationship with a technology company is beneficial to all involved. It improves the research conditions, gives students meaningful assignments and helps the companies with their research and development efforts," says Professor Tapio Salakoski, Turku University Department of Information Technology.

Products and services
You can make it using Lingsoft applications and tools drawing on language technology based within linguistic analysis. These tools are available for universities, research institutes and companies that need language technology modules for their own applications.

All Lingsoft major solutions are available as products and services alike.

We also make available the following solutions:

Lingsoft development tools are used in a number of universities and companies. Universities employ Lingsoft's research tools whereas companies make use of applications based on those tools. Lingsoft's customer base includes companies from most language-intensive fields such as information retrieval, database management and publishing. Lingsoft is one the major providers of language modules for Microsoft. This cooperation is in a state of continuous expansion.

Our clientele includes universities, application integrators utilising language technology, and small innovative businesses requiring language technology in their R&D efforts and products.

All major solutions from Lingsoft are available both as products and services.

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