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The Finnish natural language processing pioneer Lingsoft has provided an automatically generated word stem list to Swiss-based SVOX, for the use in Finnish language development. SVOX develops small-footprint TTS and ASR solutions tailored for automotive and mobile industries, and therefore needs an efficient way to deal with the rich morphology of Finnish language, in which, a certain word can have fundamental stem changes when inflected. Lingsoft used its Finnish morphology analyzer and stem generator to produce adequate stems for a selected word list automatically.

"Lingsoft’s technology saved SVOX a lot of manual work and provided us with an accurate systematically-generated stem list, which is a difficult task even for an experienced linguist. The technology was an important contributor to creation of a high quality small-footprint Finnish TTS," said David Hagstrand, Head of Linguistics at SVOX.

"Various SVOX TTS systems are already used in many products available on the Finnish market, such as automotive infotainment systems and personal navigation systems, but without support for our native language. Lingsoft is proud to contribute our gold-standard language technology to bring Finnish language to the SVOX portfolio, and thus to enable Finnish language in end-user products that will be used by many Finns," said Juhani Reiman, CEO of Lingsoft.


SVOX AG is the leading provider of embedded speech solutions for the automotive and mobile device industries. SVOX focus on embedded environments and the use of flexible software architectures allow for optimized ASR, TTS and speech dialog solutions that can be easily tailored to customers´ technical requirements and market needs. For more information, please visit: SVOX website

Lingsoft, Inc.

Lingsoft is an international full-service language company providing an entire range of services and solutions including translations and glossaries, writing and reading tools, search facilities, text mining, teaching applications and speech-enabled services, as well as ebooks. Lingsoft products support all common platforms and software suites. Lingsoft supplies proofing tools for Microsoft Office for no less than seven languages. The solutions are based on Lingsoft's proprietary language structure analysis that has become the industry standard in the field.

For more information, contact:

Juhani Selänniemi
Chief Production Officer
Tel. 040 845 4331

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