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Turku, March 6, 2008 – Lingsoft and Neoxen have jointly developed a Microsoft SharePoint extension significantly increasing the accuracy of the SharePoint search engine when searching through documents written in morphologically rich languages, such as Finnish and Scandinavian languages.

This extension, which is called Lingsoft SearchExpander for SharePoint and installed on the same server as SharePoint, was unveiled in the “Arjen sankareita ja sankaritarinoita” event organized by Microsoft at the Finlandia House in Helsinki on Thursday March 6th. The attractively priced search expander will enter the market in the second quarter of 2008.

”It is common knowledge that search engine accuracy is poor when used for searching through texts written in a morphologically rich language. This is due to numerous inflections in the language. For instance, only about one out of seven words in a Finnish text is presented in its base form. This is why enriching the search index with the base forms of the words appearing in the document has been found to be a good way to improve search results. Lingsoft has already applied this proprietary technology for analyzing words and sentences to several customer projects. Now for the first time the feature is available as an easy-to-install extension to the popular SharePoint search engine,” says Lingsoft CEO Juhani Reiman.

”It has been a pleasure to be involved in the development of this application, which is easy to use and provides so much value to SharePoint searches, especially since we could exploit the knowledge of Microsoft application architecture that we have gathered. At the same time it dawned on us how brilliant Lingsoft’s language modelling technology truly is. I cannot help but recommend this to all organizations that have a need to search for information in their Finnish documents,” says Neoxen CEO Esa Tervo.

Lingsoft Search Expander for SharePoint is installed on the same server as Microsoft SharePoint. After installation, it will work seamlessly and invisibly, enriching the SharePoint search index with the natural forms of words in the document to be indexed. Users of the SharePoint search engine will see the power of the search expander as the search also finds the documents where the desired word only appears in some of its inflected forms. The number of documents found can as much as quadruple compared to a basic search.

Lingsoft, Inc. enables multilingual business communication by making available its comprehensive command of linguistic processes that we call Language Management. This allows companies operating globally to cut costs significantly, not forgetting private customers who may also find our solutions useful.

Our all-round products and services are designed for the analysis, processing and utilization of written and spoken language alike. Our main areas include translation services, proofing tools, speech applications, educational programs, e-books, glossaries, language tools and language resources.

A number of people use our products daily, often unawares. For instance, we provide the Nordic and German proofing tools used in Microsoft Office. Besides Microsoft, our long-term cooperation partners include Adobe, T-Online, the European Union and a number of Finnish Ministries.

Lingsoft, Inc. is an international full-service language company. The company provides a complete set of products and services related to spoken and written language. Lingsoft solutions are based on the company's sentence and word analysis technologies that have become the industry standard, and the company provides such as proofing tools for the Microsoft Office product family in a total of six languages. Lingsoft language solutions help organisations to succeed. The company offers everything from translations and glossaries all the way to proofing tools, text mining, training applications and speech-controlled services.

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In addition to our products and technology, we provide Professional Services for our corporate customers, including R&D Outsourcing, Product Manufacturing, Distribution and Deployment, and Consulting & Training Services.

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