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Jakobstad, 2010-09-24 – Working in co-operation with the Acapela Group and Lingsoft, the organisation for the visually impaired Norra Österbottens Svenska Synskadade r.f. (NÖSS) has developed a Finland Swedish speech synthesis system, which was dubbed Samuel. Lingsoft provided the linguistic services related to the Finland Swedish language. The system works on several different technical platforms, including PCs and mobile devices.

Listen to Samuel, the Finland Swedish speech synthesis

"Everyone has the right to equal service in our society. This also goes for information. Without access to effective aids, the visually impaired and other reading disabled people in particular experience difficulties in getting information from newspapers, books and the Internet," says Project Manager Daniel Ainasoja.

Samuel can also be used in the production of audio newspapers, audio books and audio magazines as well as for reading notes, documents, emails and websites. In other words, it was developed to facilitate the ability of people with reading disabilities to communicate and receive information.

"Speech synthesis systems are also increasingly being used in commercial and official applications, for the simple reason that the voice quality has improved considerably with the advent of new technologies and methods," says Juhani Reiman, CEO of Lingsoft.

Speech synthesis Samuel was developed thanks to support from Raha-automaattiyhdistys RAY (Finland’s Slot Machine Association), The Leo, Mary and Mary-Ann Hackman Foundation, Svenska Blindgården Foundation, Helsingforsregionens Taltidningsförening r.f., Helene and Walter Grönqvist Foundation and Otto A. Malm Donation Fund.

Norra Österbottens Svenska Synskadade r.f. (NÖSS) is a contact and representative association with over 160 members who are visually impaired or blind. The organization works in Northern Ostrobothnia to ensure visually impaired persons an equal social, cultural and economic standing with other members of society. During the past eight years, NÖSS has led several major technical development projects to make information available to the visually impaired through its PratSam system.

Acapela Group is a leading actor in voice and speech technologies. It develops text-to-speech solutions (speech synthesis), in which text is converted to speech using natural voices in a variety of contexts. The customer can choose from among Acapela's 50 high-quality standard voices in 30 different languages or develop their own synthesised voice.

Lingsoft provides products and services for the analysis, processing and application of spoken and written language. Our key areas of operation are translation services and software for checking spelling and grammar, hyphenation, speech recognition and language analysis.

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