Lingsoft delivers new generation Proofing Tools technology to Microsoft

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Helsinki, 13 May 2009 – Microsoft Corp. has selected Lingsoft, Inc. as one of the providers for a new line of Proofing Tools technology. Microsoft has been developing the new technological approach to spell checking, hyphenation, and thesauri, and the technology will be integrated in future Microsoft Office family products. Lingsoft has been involved in this development process as a Pilot developer partner.

"Being selected by Microsoft is a very significant milestone in our fruitful business relationship that started in the 1990's," says Simo Vihjanen of Lingsoft. "It has enabled us to leverage our technological expertise in proofing tools, and kept us in immediate contact with the new cutting edge technologies that are being developed by Microsoft. The new Microsoft proofing tools technology is very exciting."

"Leveraging Lingsoft’s unique expertise has been a key part of our Language Technology Migration Strategy. Lingsoft has been an important partner for a long time, and we are pleased to have Lingsoft working with us on our new generation of new proofing tools," says Project Manager Jerome Kilkenny of Microsoft Language Technology Team (LTT) Dublin.

Microsoft LTT

Based at Microsoft’s European Research facility in Dublin, Ireland, the Language Technology Team manage the licensing and outsourced development of language technology solutions for up to 90 languages for release in various Microsoft products including Microsoft Office for Windows, Windows Live, Exchange and Works.

Lingsoft, Inc.

Lingsoft is an international full-service language company providing an entire range of services and solutions including translations and glossaries, writing and reading tools, search facilities, text mining, teaching applications and speech-enabled services, as well as ebooks. Lingsoft products support all common platforms and software suites. Lingsoft supplies proofing tools for Microsoft Office for no less than seven languages. The solutions are based on Lingsoft's proprietary language structure analysis that has become the industry standard in the field.

For more information, please contact:

Lingsoft Inc. – Simo Vihjanen
mobile 358 44 290 1673

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