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Helsinki, 21 Dec. 2008 – Lingsoft has released a 'Finland Swedish' speech recognizer which especially suits the realization of various automated speech services. Lingsoft also offers Finnish speech recognition software which now makes it easier to offer speech-controlled services in both national languages. Svenska kulturfonden has been involved in financing the project.

“A speech recognizer excellently supplements our products and services directed towards the Swedish-speaking public in Finland. The checking of style features by Swedish-speaking Finns contained in Svefix, our checker program, is utilized in many places – for instance, schools. Following this command-based speech recognition program, our goal is to also create a recognizer suitable for identifying dictation,” says Juhani Selänniemi from Lingsoft.

“A speech recognition program helps those of us who speak Finland Swedish to gain access to various speech-controlled services. The objective of Svenska kulturfonden is to support various projects and solutions to improve the daily life of the Swedish-speaking populace – and this is a concrete project by which enterprises and other organizations can now offer speech-controlled services in Finland in Swedish as well. Hopefully this possibility will be put to use,” says Krister Ståhlberg from Svenska kulturfonden.

In Finland, speech-controlled services have not yet become common to the same extent as in many other European countries and particularly in the United States, where speech services are widely applied in, among other things, various subscription services, phone exchanges, bulletins and in unpacking dictation. It is expected that the situation in Finland too will change in the near future, however.

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Lingsoft, Inc – Juhani Selänniemi
Tel. 358 (0)2 279 3300

Svenska kulturfonden – Krister Ståhlberg and Tove Ekman
Tel. 358 (0) 9 6930 7300


Lingsoft, Inc. is an international full-service language company providing an entire range of services and solutions including translations and glossaries, writing and reading tools, search facilities, text mining, teaching applications and speech-enabled services, as well as ebooks. Lingsoft products support all common platforms and software suites. Lingsoft supplies proofing tools for Microsoft Office for no less than seven languages. The solutions are based on Lingsoft’s proprietary language structure analysis that has become the industry standard in the field.

Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland

The purpose of the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland (Svenska kulturfonden) is to support the cultural and educational aspirations of the Swedish-speaking population in Finland as well as a wide range of other activities promoting Swedish as a minority language in Finland. The fields that receive support cover a wide range of educational and cultural activities.

The foundation was established in 1908 and consists of about 450 individual funds, each with its own background and profile of private donors. Every year, the foundation awards grants and stipends to both organizations and individuals and the budget for the present year amount to about 36 million euros. The foundation cooperates with a wide range of other foundations and organizations.

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