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2008-10-28 – Lingsoft's high quality proofing tools integrated with Infomaker's Newspilot editorial platform have, in a short space of time, conquered a significant slice of the Swedish markets. Infomaker has secured a considerable number of new clients for its editorial platform. As a result a notable part of Swedish press now uses Lingsoft's language technology.

"I dare say that Newspilot and Lingsoft offer the best language proofing tools in the market. They include spelling and grammar checking, configurable rules for writing, automatic correction and synonyms. The tools work with Newspilot both in the office as well as on the road. They carry out their functions during writing, as in, e.g., Microsoft Word, or when you yourself wish to use them. All is available directly in Newspilot. Updating of common wordlists and writing rules is automatic", the managing director of Infomaker, Peter Månsson, says, summarizing its main features.

Lingsoft provides language proofing tools for several languages, e.g., Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and Danish. The tools have been integrated to Newspilot and are also available for Adobe InDesign and InCopy as well as QuarkXPress and QuarkCopyDesk.

"The same tools can be used throughout an entire production chain, especially now that Lingsoft has published its support for grammar checking and own writing rules, also in its Proofreader plug-in for Adobe InDesign and InCopy. Managing the whole chain of production is easy and can be done directly in Newspilot".

"We feel very happy and are satisfied with the success of Newspilot. Infomaker's accomplishment is excellent. Rarely have we seen our language proofing tools functioning in such a flexible manner and as fast as in Newspilot. The last addition, i.e., the possibility to define writing rules, provides the newspaper editors with a rapidly reacting tool, for example, to deal with wrongly spelled names and expressions to be avoided. Also in this, Infomaker has been the pioneer ", says the managing director of Lingsoft Juhani Reiman.

Papers using Newspilot and Lingsoft´s language technology

Smålandsposten, Blekinge Läns Tidning, Barometern, Sundsvalls Tidning, Dagbladet, Norra Västerbotten, Östersunds-Posten, Hudiksvalls Tidning, LjusdalsPosten, Hälsinge-Kuriren, Östgöta-Correspondenten, Hallands Nyheter, Hallandsposten, Göteborgs-Posten, Falu Kuriren, Borlänge Tidning, Södra Dalarnes Tidning, Mora Tidning, Nya Ludvika Tidning, Tidningen Ångermanland, Örnsköldsviks Allehanda, Gefle Dagblad, Arbetarbladet, Eskilstuna-Kuriren, Katrineholms-Kuriren, Tidningen Folket, Svenska Dagbladet, Haparandabladet, Sydsvenskan, Ljusnan, Gävle Nyhetsbyrå, Oskarshamns-Tidningen, Länstidningen Östersund, Karlshamns Allehanda, Sölvesborgs-Tidningen, Aftonbladet, Helsingborgs Dagblad, City Helsingborg, Nordvästra Skånes Tidningar, Landskrona Posten, Mariestads Tidningen, Skaraborgs Läns Allehanda, Hjo Tidning, Arvika Nyheter, Fryksdalsbygden, Filipstads Tidning, Nya Kristinhamns-Posten, Säffle Tidningen, Karlskoga Tidning, Nya Wermlands-Tidningen, Enköpings Posten, Ulricehamns Tidning, Borås Tidning.


Lingsoft is an international full-service company. It provides a comprehensive range of products and services for spoken and written languages. Lingsoft's solutions are based on its own word and sentence analyses setting standards for the world. For example, the company is responsible for providing the proofers for Microsoft Office's product family for many languages.

Infomaker Scandinavia

One of the leading partners for media companies in the Nordic countries providing solutions both for ad sales as well as for editors. Infomaker has more than one hundred newspapers clients in Sweden, Finland and Norway. Newspilot® incorporates efficient tools for proofing as a standard. Its language tools are based on Lingsoft's world class technology, and on modules, interfaces and inbuilt management that it itself has developed.

Further information

Juhani Selänniemi
Chief Production Officer, Lingsoft
Tel. +358 40 845 4331

Peter Månsson
Managing Director, Infomaker Scandinavia

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