Lingsoft Launches a Simple Stylistic Rules Feature for Language Proofing Tools

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Lingsoft Inc.
Helsinki, 23 April 2008

The Finnish language technology provider Lingsoft has released a Simple User-defined Rule Extension plug-in – SURE for short – as the latest instalment in their proofing programming library. This allows the user to create simple stylistic rules dynamically with no update of the proofing tool required. SURE supports Lingsoft Proofreader Server, the new Lingsoft Proofreader for Adobe InDesign tools including grammar and style checkers, as well as several programs by Lingsoft’s OEM partners.

Flexible and Accurate Automatic Proofing

The SURE plug-in allows the user to create custom rules for the identification of issues such as mispelt forms of difficult proper nouns – including capitalisation; take for instance al-Qaida and Osama bin Laden. This type of rules also allow you to lay down custom guidelines, for instance regarding the preferred consistent spelling of Beijing or Peking. As regular expressions are supported for any identified string and for its suggested replacement, the SURE rules are rather effective when it comes to combing out certain types of stylistic faults. They are not, however, a substitute for the grammatical and stylistic rules included in the actual Lingsoft proofing tools.

'This plug-in by Lingsoft is designed to facilitate the regular proofing procedures of publishers and text professionals in general. Many of us have our own idiosyncratic expressions, and often we also have our preferences when it comes to consistently using just one of two correct forms available. This is exactly what our tool allows you to do,' says Sales and Marketing Manager Ari Nyfors from Lingsoft.

Lingsoft Inc.

Lingsoft is an international full-service language company. The company provides a complete set of products and services related to spoken and written language. Lingsoft solutions are based on the company's sentence and word analysis technologies that have become the industry standard, and the company provides such as proofing tools for the Microsoft Office product family in a total of six languages.

Lingsoft language solutions help organisations to succeed. The company offers everything from translations and glossaries all the way to proofing tools, text mining, training applications and speech-controlled services.

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