Lingsoft licenses state-of-the-art Kiswahili spell checker to Microsoft Corp.

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Turku, June 5th, 2007 – Lingsoft, Inc. has licensed its Kiswahili Spell Checker to Microsoft Corp. The companies have entered into an agreement in which Microsoft has an option to utilize the Kiswahili Speller in Microsoft Office. The new Kiswahili Spell Checker will be part of Microsoft’s Local Language Program.

“Microsoft wants to incorporate high-quality proofing tools into Microsoft Office for a number of languages that have so far lacked these essential tools,” said Jason Redford, Senior Program Manager of Microsoft Proofing Tools, Dublin. “We have been working with Lingsoft since the 1990’s, and they have a long and distinguished track record in Proofing Tools for the Nordic Languages for Microsoft Office.”

The Kiswahili Spell Checker is a high coverage – high precision spell checking tool. It is based on Lingsoft's gold standard technology, and it was developed in cooperation with leading experts in East African languages.

"Being chosen by Microsoft to deliver this essential word processing functionality for Kiswahili is very exciting. This is the first time we have applied Lingsoft technology to an African language. The results are very good, and the development cycle to the commercial application was fast," said Simo Vihjanen, Chief Development Officer of Lingsoft.

Kiswahili is spoken in a large area that spreads from Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Eastern Congo (DRC), Northern Congo (DRC), Northern Malawi, Northern Mozambique, Northern Zambia, and Comoros to as far as Somalia. It is currently estimated that well over 100 million people use Kiswahili for communication. It is the official language for Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.

What is the Microsoft® Local Language Program? It is a worldwide initiative dedicated to providing individuals access to desktop computer software in their native language. More information is available here.

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More information: Simo Vihjanen, Chief Development Officer, +358 2 279 3318, +358 44 290 1673

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