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Lingsoft has launched three new programming libraries allowing software developers to implement features such as spell-checking, grammar checking, hyphenation and inflecting thesauri in applications that have long been in want of them. These programming libraries and the related proofing and style checking resource files support all major operating systems including Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. With the Java and Ajax extensions they can also be suited to Java and network browser UI applications used commonly in a number of business applications.

— There seems to be a wider recognition of the fact that text is not longer typed and edited solely on text processing tools. Take Microsoft Office, for instance, where our high-quality proofing tools for Nordic languages have long been a standard issue. We wish to make proofing tools of equal calibre available for other text processing applications too, says Juhani Reiman managing director of Lingsoft.

Applications like these include ERP and CRM systems used by companies and the public sector. The first proofing application based on the new programming libraries was introduced at the International IFRA Expo held earlier this month in Amsterdam.

— Those having shown the keenest interest in our new tools include editors of various publishing systems. This is only natural as spelling provides an important quality factor for their customers. But I'm sure that this is not the only business looking for ways to improve productivity and quality of text processing by means of a competent proofing facility, which is designed to comb out any spelling mistakes here and now. Think of just medical records processed by tens of thousands of professionals in this country alone and mostly with no professional proofing tools available. This is where Lingsoft's new programming libraries come in by providing assistance in form of clear application programming interface descriptions for the developers, says Mr Reiman.

Lingsoft's proofing tools include three programming libraries. LSPROOF equips the parent application with spell-checking and grammar checking and LSHYPH allows for hyphenation while LSTHES provides the synonym search. The programming libraries enable engagement of language resource files of various languages. These files have been compiled using Lingsoft's world-renowned language modelling techniques such as two-level morphology model, TWOL and constraint grammar parser, CG. These allow creating high-quality proofing tools also for languages with highly challenging word structures such as Finnish.

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