Lingsoft and TEMIS Announce Partnership to Expand Text Mining Coverage to Northern European Language

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Paris, France, Helsinki, Finland, March 8, 2005 – TEMIS, the leading Text Mining software vendor in Europe and Lingsoft, a Natural Language Processing specialist, today announced that they have signed a Bilateral Collaboration Agreement.

Under the terms of this agreement, TEMIS will expand the linguistic coverage of its software solutions to support 16 languages. The TEMIS products, XeLDA®, Insight Discoverer Extractor, Insight Discoverer Categorizer, Insight Discoverer Clusterer and XTS, will now integrate the Lingsoft set of Northern European languages.

Lingsoft will provide TEMIS with Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian Bokmal and Danish Natural Language Processing software. These multilingual software packages will be integrated within the TEMIS core technology XeLDA®.

Lingsoft will also become a VAR (Value-Added Reseller) for TEMIS products for the Scandinavian area (Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark).

Lingsoft will also develop and market custom Skill Cartridges (language rules for information extraction) using the TEMIS Skill Cartridge Development Kit.

"The partnership with one of the world's leading text mining software companies is an important step for Lingsoft. Having our Nordic Language Pack included in TEMIS products will further strengthen our market leadership in these languages", said Simo Vihjanen, Chief Development Officer of Lingsoft, Inc.

"We are delighted to partnering with a key and recognized actor like Lingsoft. TEMIS continues its commitment to extend its linguistic coverage with a high degree of quality. The partnership with Lingsoft will open the Northern European market to TEMIS products and solutions" said Cyril Chantrier, Strategic Partners Director of TEMIS.

TEMIS software solutions using this enhanced language coverage are:
Insight Discoverer Extractor, information extraction server,
Insight Discoverer Categorizer, document categorization server
Insight Discoverer Clusterer, document organization server,
Skill Cartridges(TM) sets of information extraction rules, enabling specific analysis.
XTS, terminology management suite
XeLDA®, linguistic engine

TEMIS Text Mining Solutions will now run in 16 languages: Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Greek, Hungarian, 2 Norwegian Bokmal, Polish, Russian and Swedish. The integration is planned for Q1 2005.

Insight Discoverer(TM) Extractor is an information extraction server dedicated to analysis of text documents. It detects pieces of information that are the most relevant to users: a merger announcement in an article for an analyst, a sales opportunity in an email for a customer relationship manager, a specific skill in a résumé for a recruiter, for example. The knowledge extraction is powered by Skill Cartridges(TM), a hierarchy of knowledge components (lexicon and/or an extraction rule) describing the information to extract for a given business, specific field or topic. An extraction rule describes a sentence structure that characterizes a concept.

Insight Discoverer(TM) Clusterer is an automated classification engine that suggests the most relevant classification for a collection of unstructured documents. It groups dynamically documents by topics according to their semantic proximity using linguistic analysis performed by Insight Discoverer(TM) Extractor, which describes documents by generating their semantic profile. Insight Discoverer(TM) Clusterer reads the description of each document and groups them according to their semantic proximity without requiring any pre-defined categories. Users can then navigate in that collection of documents organized into different categories and subcategories.
Insight Discoverer(TM) Clusterer enable users to explore large collections of documents more efficiently and rapidly than they would manually.

Insight Discoverer(TM) Categorizer is a document categorization engine. It categorizes automatically unstructured documents into pre-defined categories, combining linguistic and statistic rules. Insight Discoverer(TM) Categorizer uses linguistic analysis performed by Insight Discoverer(TM) Extractor, which describes documents by generating their semantic profile. Insight Discoverer(TM) Categorizer then uses this for its learning and assignment phases.

XTS is a software suite that helps you create your corporate terminology and uses it to improve the consistency and quality of the documents you produce. Key applications of terminology are:

Automatic creation of terminology
XTS enables terminologists and translators to automatically analyze document content and create monolingual or multilingual terminology databases. XTS provides huge productivity gains; this processing is performed ten times faster than manual processing.

Authoring assistance
XTS uses the corporate terminology to improve document consistency and reduce the hidden costs of expensive re-printing. It is up to twenty times cheaper to correct a terminology error at the authoring stage rather than later in the document's lifecycle.

Comprehension assistance
It is not always possible, nor useful, to translate all your company's documents. Costs, time constraints or the number of readers do not justify this decision. XTS proposes definitions or translations for selected terms while reading. This solution is an ideal compromise between human translation and machine translation, and is perfectly adapted to your fast pace of working.


TEMIS, the European leader in Text Mining, develops and markets software solutions for Text Mining, which enable optimization of information processing by transforming free text into data that can be analyzed for information extraction or automatic classification of documents.

TEMIS products play a critical role in fields where information processing is complex due to the volume of information flow, such as Competitive Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management, Scientific Intelligence and Human Resources, and they provide substantial productivity gains. TEMIS stands out because of the excellent quality of its results, due to the use of adaptive Skill Cartridges(TM).

The company was created in September 2000 and currently has subsidiaries or offices in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, and the United States, and partners in the rest of Europe.

From the very start, TEMIS' innovative technology has attracted major European groups (Bertelsmann, Hachette Filipacchi Médias, EADS CRC, Alcatel, France Télécom, TIMTelecom Italia Mobile, EDF, Documentum, IBM, IPSEN, LION bioscience, MDL Elsevier, Novartis, DaimlerChrysler, PSA, Renault, Total, etc.).

TEMIS has gained the trust of major financial partners as Crédit Agricole Private Equity and ACE Management own shares in the company. In July 2003, TEMIS acquired Xerox Corporation's linguistic product operation, consisting of a team of 9 people and both XeLDA® and XTS software products.

About Lingsoft, Inc.

Lingsoft offers solutions for language processing and comprehension in the modern, multilingual world. Lingsoft specializes in providing Lingsoft industry standard word and sentence analysis-based proofing tools that ensure high-quality documentation. It also provides speech production and recognition engines and applications, as well as electronic dictionaries and thesauri.

Based in Helsinki, Finland, Lingsoft's technology has been implemented for the languages of Northern Europe, with an emphasis on English, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish. However, the technology, expertise, and services can be applied to virtually any language.

Software components developed at Lingsoft have been in commercial use since 1986. Lingsoft has a range of products, from end-user tools such as electronic dictionaries and spellers to enterprise services like indexing and retrieval support.

Lingsoft's proofing tools were chosen for inclusion in the Microsoft Office package for Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and German. Lingsoft language technology is now used in most of the desktop computers in those countries, illustrating a continuing dedication to providing the highest quality language software solutions.

For further information please contact

Martine Falhon
Corporate Communications
+33 (0)4 56 38 24 03

Simo Vihjanen
Chief Development Officer
+358 2 279 3300

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