Lingsoft and Microsoft to Close a Major Deal on Proofing Tools

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7.4.2005 – Lingsoft has closed a major deal with Microsoft to renew for the second time the contracts of approximately half of the proofing tools that Lingsoft has developed and licensed to Microsoft. In conjunction with this deal, Lingsoft will also review and update the entire set of proofing tools the company has licensed to Microsoft in order to ensure continued full conformance with Microsoft's technical, security and linguistic quality standards, including the latest changes in several national spelling conventions, among others.

Wide Variety of Language Tools

The proofing tools covered by these agreements add up to 21 tools in all, including the full suite of grammar-checkers, spell-checkers, hyphenators and thesauri for Swedish, Danish, Norwegian (Bokmål) and Finnish, a spell-checker and hyphenator for Norwegian (Nynorsk), and the suite of a spell-checker, hyphenator and thesaurus for German (covering both pre-reform and post-reform spelling conventions). These proofing tools are presently integrated in Microsoft Office and other Microsoft Applications, and are thus used by millions of people in the Nordic and German-speaking countries.

These agreements continue Lingsoft's almost decade-long partnership with Microsoft as its subcontractor of high-quality proofing tools for the Nordic and German markets, which started with contracts and the delivery of a set of Finnish proofing tools to Microsoft as far back as in 1996.

Lingsoft, Inc.

Lingsoft makes available solutions for language processing and comprehension. In terms of software development the company specialises in provision of proofing tools, grammar checkers, speech production and recognition applications as well as text mining tools designed to ensure high-quality documentation. For more information visit the Lingsoft web site.

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