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Lingsoft is one of the sponsors of FinTAL, an international conference on all aspects of computational linguistics and natural language processing theory, methods and applications. It is organized jointly by Turku Centre for Computer Science (TUCS), University of Turku, and Åbo Akademi. The conference will be held on August 23.-25., 2006. The venue is Turku, Finland's oldest city, that lies in the southwest corner of Finland, surrounded by the magnificent Turku archipelago.

Beside Lingsoft, the confernce is sponsored by Nokia, Palo Alto Reseach Center, Sanako, and the City of Turku.

Highly interesting keynotes

Keynote speakers include professor Fred Karlsson (University of Helsinki, Finland), co-founder of Lingsoft, as well as Lauri Karttunen (Xerox PARC, USA), who together with Kimmo Koskenniemi, also co-founder of Lingsoft, made major contributions to the breakthrough of morphology analysis based on finite state automata.

Fifth in the series

FinTAL is the fifth in the series of the TAL conferences, following FracTAL (Besançon, France, 1997), VexTAL (Venice, Italy, 1999), PorTAL (Faro, Algarve, Portugal, 2002), and EsTAL (Alicante, Spain, 2004). The main purpose of the TAL conference series is to bring together scientists representing linguistics, computer science and related fields, sharing a common interest in the advancement of computational linguistics and natural language processing.

More about FinTAL here.

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