KITES symposium on Multilingual communication and content management 26.10.2006 Kouvola, Finland

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Four years ago the Kasarminmäki Expertise Centre in Kouvola started contacting skilful people in the fields of Finnish language technology and language services, producers of learning and manual materials as well as other partners, in order to create joint network cooperation. Along the way a goal was formed to generate a national cluster in Finland for multilingual communication and content management, first ever in Europe.

A language technology research group representing three universities, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (TEKES), the Ministry of Trade and Industry (KTM) and regional financiers have joined the co-operative development process that has already lead to tens of projects and project build-ups.

On the 26th of October 2006 the vast preparations will become reality in the form of a symposium that bears the name KITES – symposium for multilingual communication and content management.

KITES will gather professionals in the field of language and their key customers into a joint strategic forum, where people from export companies’ communication managers, language-, news- and advertising agencies, translators, organisations and decision makers to educational organisations have the chance to form networks with each other. Speeches and marketing stands will provide information on current services and situation as well as future development prospects of language technology. Networking continues in the evening gathering among colleagues.

Companies, researchers and trainers that have been involved thus far will present among other things the Finnish strategy for language cluster and the desktop for multilingual communication, considered to be an internationally significant move. The symposium will be a chance to hear the Finnish industry’s, or in other words the client’s, point of view and to cast a glance at the international connections in these matters.

The purpose is to create KITES to be an annual strategy forum for multilingual communication and content management and at the same time a networking event for companies and their customers in the field.

For further information, please visit the KITES site

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