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23.3.2004 – Lingsoft, the Finnish language technology company, and PasaNet, the translation services agency, are joining forces. The move was accomplished through an exchange of shares, both enterprises remaining separate joint stock companies. Lingsoft’s principal client has for many years been Microsoft Corporation. Lingsoft has developed a number of language tools used in Microsoft's products. The languages covered include the Nordic languages and German.

Lingsoft - an Expert in Language and Speech Technology

Lingsoft’s expertise is mainly based on the word and sentence analysis technologies originally developed by Professor Kimmo Koskenniemi and Professor Fred Karlsson at the University of Helsinki. The resulting methods are language-independent and they have already been applied to more than ten languages at Lingsoft. Among the products developed by the company is a speech recognition solution that can be used, for example, in telephone exchanges, and database services such as timetable inquiries. Lingsoft’s main products are various proofing and spelling tools.

PasaNet - a Technical Translation Company Specializing in Language Technology

PasaNet Oy has been in the translation business since 1993. It specialises in technical translation and localisation. The company is the principal supplier of translations for the European Parliament for Finnish. Among the clients are also major international companies in the IT, electronics, and automotive industries. The company uses state-of-the-art technology. PasaNet is one of the largest translation agencies in Finland, employing some 30 people and providing translations for all the main European languages.

A Strong Alliance for the Growing Language Technology Market

The alliance of Lingsoft and Pasanet will bring significant synergy benefits. The two companies together are a unique player in the market: they cover the entire field of language technology. The significance of speech technology will increase. It will be a fast growing sector in the future. In language technology new methods are being developed which will revolutionise word processing. These methods will also facilitate information retrieval from large databases. By combining these technologies with translation, whole new avenues of opportunity will be opened up.

Further Information

For further information and queries, please contact Managing Director Juhani Reiman, +358 45 670 6770

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