Lingsoft and Neoxen to integrate Language Processing with Document Management

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21.11.2005 – Lingsoft Inc., a Natural Language Processing specialist, and Neoxen Systems have signed a partnership agreement to develop Disciplined Documentation Platform for professional Microsoft Office users.

"Neoxen has a proven professional background in Document Management. Their experience and their award winning products bring real-world benefits for us and our international customers." says Juhani Reiman, Managing Director at Lingsoft. "Our language processing platform combined with their efficient mass modification technology is a good match. Together we can allow our users to apply language processing operations to huge amount of documents concurrently with metadata and content modifications."

"Our partnership with Lingsoft has an important role when implementing our mutual strategy to strengthen our position in the global software volume markets." says Esa Tervo, Chief Executive Officer at Neoxen Systems. "Lingsoft Industry Standard Word and Sentence Analysis based proofing tools ensure high-quality documentation. Together with their text mining solutions we can provide remarkable added value to our Visual Modus users."

Lingsoft's products include reader's and writer's tools, search and indexing tools, speech tools and "instant" dictionaries. In addition Lingsoft offers text mining solutions, as well as components for morphological and syntactical analysis and generation. Lingsoft produces the proofing tools for all Nordic languages included in the Microsoft Office.

Neoxen Visual Modus 2005 is a documentation organizer and management application. It allows users to create role-based views on information regardless of the origin and location of the data. Visual Modus provides a single point of access to manage, restructure and share this vital information. As the first 32/64-bit solution it also allows users to reformat and mass-modify Microsoft Office documents of any type for consistent archiving or for reuse in new projects.

Lingsoft, Inc. is an international full service language company. The company has a large variety of services or products related to spoken and written language. Lingsoft products are based on the companys world-renowned sentence and word analysis technologies that have become a de-facto standard. Lingsoft provides a complete set of language management solutions related to written and spoken languages - translation and localization services, customized language checkers, text mining tools, speech controlled services etc.

Neoxen Systems is a Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner specialized in Process Management and Improvement, and Information Management solutions for global markets.

With the Neoxen technology and product family we help customers to succeed by reducing their time-to-market efforts, increasing their customer satisfaction, improving quality and increasing their organizational performance.

For more Information:

Juhani Reiman, Managing Director
Lingsoft, Inc.
Tel. +358 9 668 9280

Esa Tervo, CEO
Genestia Group, Inc. - Neoxen Systems
Tel. +358 2 232 2883

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